Full length color experimental narrative film possibly 16mm possibly foreign

When I stayed in St. Louis briefly in 2007 (aug15-sep15 then again from oct15-nov30) I frequented the St. Louis Art Museum auditorium, attending several interesting screenings. The name of one film and its director escapes me.

I only vaguely remember this film – in my memory it was shot in the 70s, though could be between 1965-1985. I remember very distinctly that it was a female director. The main protagonist was definitely female. It was full length, color, grainy (probably 16mm, very low budget) and very experimental. That I am certain of.

It involved lots of very flat, affected acting. At one point she is moving around at night and there is no attempt to disguise the lights or effects. It may include dancing and masks. I seem to remember sword fighting of some sort. It has a playful, fantasy adventure type story (I think). The costumes are notable. I believe it has an all female cast but am not positive. The sound is notable for some reason – perhaps there is no synchronized dialogue. Again, it was a long time ago. I think it may have taken place on an island. At the very least, there was lots of craggy rocky places in the movie. Definitely remembering sword fighting.

This film is extremely rare. This filmmaker made several movies. Any help or any resource would be appreciated.

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