French Romance World War Two Era

The movie is based off of a book that I also can’t remember the name of. It’s a color film made fairly recently and the whole thing is in French. It’s about a young woman who lives with her grandfather in their country home. The Germans take over their village and set up their headquarters for the officers in their home. As a form of protest the woman and the grandfather agree not to speak to the soldiers. However there is one officer, the main guy in charge, who is intrigued by the granddaughter.  He spends his time trying to speak to her by sharing his love of art, history, and music. At first he believes in the German cause but then he becomes disillusioned once he sees the desdestruction they are causing. In the end he is reassigned to the front line. As he is leaving the woman rushes out after him but he still leaves.


I want to say the title has something about flowers in it but I’m not sure.

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