French film where the main character is searching for a heart needed for his wife’s transplant

I saw this film in 2003 as I remember, it is a colored French film, the main character’s wife needs to undergo a heart transplant but there isn’t any heart of her blood type A+ available. The husband then goes to a casino controlled by a mob or “the bad guys”, where he tricks them into letting each one say his/her blood type, he then kidnaps the first one to say A+ and flees. The mob in now after him and so are the police. He takes the victim to a friend surgeon working underground where they manage to remove his heart. When the mob member pleads for mercy, they tell him that “you are a criminal, help another person live, take it as your penance…” something like that. Anyway, the husband takes the heart in a briefcase in an attempt to deliver it to the hospital, but the police are still after him, so he goes to hide at another friend’s place. In the final scene, the guy and his friend are in her car driving on a highway where there are corn fields on both sides of the road. They are then surrounded by the police from both sides, so his friend, drifts to the right and goes inside the tall corn field where she can barely see, the car flips suddenly into a deep pond and they both lose their conscious. When the guy wakes up, he sees that the car has sank upside down in the pond, and the brief case is opened and the heart is lost. He dives into the water to save his friend, she is still trapped inside the car and is about to die, the guy tries to open the car’s door but his attempts are useless. When his friend finally realizes that her death is unavoidable, she writes on the car’s window from the inside A+, telling him to take her heart instead of the lost one. The film then ends.

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