French film of love and music ( Surrealist film )

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It is a French film art film type. This film which I have no idea of ​​the actors is a boy who leaves his village and goes to the city, if I remember traveling by boat from his hometown. The issue that this guy is a character very courageous and good heart, a heart as innocent. throughout the film and much falls ..

… Here comes the one hand I remember clearly and can be the key to someone to help me. His girlfriend is a woman gordq throughout the film and in one scene will escape some thugs, things that the protagonist escapes through a tube which fits his girlfriend and obviously can not escape. It is when he tells her that if she wanted to lose weight should believe that you can do, is when your girlfriend is concentrated and is skinny at that moment and can pass through the tube.

Then follow through the story and the girlfriend leaves him, as it is now slim and pretty has many suitors. I do not remember if the breakdown or other reason that begins to blame fate for their misfortune since traveled. That’s why it begins to recede in his footsteps and start searching all the people who knew up to that point and apparently begins to take revenge, because every fault that the sequence of actions taken to that state.

Also in a scene from the movie when he was already separated from his girlfriend, he goes with a guy in a red convertible car, type tuning out and hits the car in front, but the vehicle had a virtual front, then the front pierced the front car like air and nothing happened. Since the end of the movie and I think this could be the key to finding it it is that the protagonist is a party apparently was techno and if I remember correctly he was in a sort of podium is where you usually earn DJ `He sees this girl (who is no longer his girlfriend), and it beat the beating of his heart along with music and dies, it is as if synchronize these beats together with pumping techno music.

I hope to find, greetings.

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  1. It is sort of like the movie Scanners 1981. But for one guy, and NOT English.

    The movie starts with a boy looking at construction equipment machines. But you don’t know he has powers yet. He hears the beats of the machines and he also looks at his mother who is in the room/kitchen. The machine goes slower and the beat of the machine slows down. His mother’s heart stops because the machine beat stopped. I think he killed his mother with his powers.

    After that the stuff happens what Skame says, and more.

    3 or 4 guys who helped our main “hero” travel with a boat ? have a side story in the movie. They go to a place where some old woman and man live.
    The guys go outside to play. The have metal gloves on and play catch, with a big metal circular saw.
    I think some kids, or maybe one of them, is playing with a football. Then he kicks the football and it hits the circular saw when they throw it. The saw lands inside the house on the head of the old man who is sleeping in bed. The old man is now dead and the woman screams in panic when she sees him. THE SAW IS STUCK IN HIS HEAD. Amazing.

    When the boy grows up his telekinetic power is developed more. He is super strong. He beats up guys who helped him before, the ones from the circular saw. He throws a big container on one of them and the guy dies.
    Then he calls the old captain of the boat, and HE SHOOTS HIM WITH A GUN THROUGH A PHONE LINE. So amazing

    Near the end he throws a guy in a speaker box because he tried to attack his ex girlfriend. He kills him with his powers by making him bounce to death in the speakerbox.

    In the end he sees another construction equipment machines. And his heart beats the same speed as the sound of the machines. The machines beat stops, and his heart stops. Just like happened to his mother.

    I saw it on TV in Holland. Between 2003 – 2005

    1. I think the boy travels with the captain on the boat first. and the captain is abusive.
      I think he meets the other guys when he is older. After they split up the saw stuff happens.

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