French Film 1 Girl 1 Good Boy 1 Gay Snuffing Boy

Foreign non-English language film,  French,  subtitled.  Set in suburban or rural France, in the 90’s or 2000’s. A nice girl,  21 or so, cool, collected,  sensible.  Befriends a nice, good boy, maybe 20, maybe he is passing through the area.  He is maybe gay;  not worldly.    Girl’s 24 year old,  dark,  very cool,  aloof,  troubled male friend warms to the new arrival.  A dead youth’s body turns up,  troubled dude has something to do with the murder.  Girl helps him hide body in forest.  All three  – road trip? – (A LIGHT BLUE EUROPEAN VAN! ) – end up at troubled youth’s family home/restaurant, where some darkness about him is voiced by his parents – a boy was murdered and the troubled youth is unofficially highly suspected by his parents.  Later,  Troubled youth has sex with or rapes the good boy in THE BLUE VAN and – his thing is this – snuffs the good boy,  as a finishing touch.  Troubled youth detachedly tells girl of boy’s death.  She figures out her dark friend is snuffing youths during sex with them.  Why do I need to see this again?

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