Found this on the comments on a BlameItOnJorge video

Can somebody help whoever posted this comment on a BlameItOnJorge video:

I remember watch a movie as a kid about a girl’s birthday party, the mom makes her wear a girly dress and she hates it but her best friend (a boy) sees how pretty she looks and kisses her and asks her to be his girlfriend but she says no so he says it isn’t fair because they’ve been friends for so long and he “earned” her. She’s upset and storms out behind the house into some kind of woods that look creepy af and the lighting is kinda weird like they’re a huge flashlight illuminating the scenes through the trees instead of a towned down light to immitate natural light. Something starts chasing her and when it reaches her it’s some kind of weord the human-like cellophane man, it was very disturbing. She escapes into some kind of mud structure and meets some knock-off of an ice queem or smth. Then eventually she gets back home and her friend apologizes, and suggests they switch clothes if she’s uncomfortable wearing a dress. So she goes to the party in his suit and he goes in her dress and they dance and that’s how the movie end. Im very sorry fpr the rant, I’ve been trying hard to find the name of the movie so I’ve been commenting on every YouTube vid that has anything to do with lost media. Does anyone know what it’s called??

3 thoughts on “Found this on the comments on a BlameItOnJorge video

    1. I wonder how we’ll ever know if this satisfies the OP who’s asking for someone else on another site?

      1. *shrugs* meh, I’m not in it for the points, if they ever check back and it’s the right movie, at least we’ve helped them find it.

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