Forgotten horror movies

Ok a few movies a remember from years ago but no idea what they are.

#1. I think this was an 80’s maybe 90’s movie and could be me mashing 2 movies together. I think the lead actor plays a P.I. And gets hired to investigate some gruesome murder. The murder scene is a mutilated body in a cabin I think and there is blood absolutely everywhere. I think they blame it on wild animals. Then I think there is some re animated corpses at one point. At the end of the movie he chases down the bad guy in a hospital or asylum who is trying to summon a demon. The demon comes and destroys the bad guy because he isn’t worthy of the demons power.


#2 Another 80’s or 90’s movie. Guy is put in a futuristic jail maybe. He gets put in games where he fights for his life and is filmed doing it. Sorry not much details but there’s a scene where he fights a guy with a chainsaw and another where he fights an ice hockey guy.


Both movies I saw a good 15 years or more ago. Would like to see if anyone remembers them. Cheers.

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