Foreign Horror/Action Flick

In 2009 I watched a movie that was not english, no dub ins just sub titles and it seemed a little older or low budget but it was showing on tv. So the movie goes something like this : 3 or 4 criminals are being chased by the police or a group of hitmen and they end up running and getting trapped in this apartment when their car fails.  like a building that is loaded full of satanic stuff like a Minotaur like guy with a big hammer or axe and a alive face that is part of a wall in one spot. I believe there is also a scene with a satanic ritual happening when the bad guys capture one of the criminals… i remember the area they were in before the building was very europe looking with cobblestone roads possibly, and the inside of the building was mostly long white corridors with smaller rooms and i think one of the rooms was the minotaurs armory that the stumbled into. thanks for the help

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