Foreign film about a secret in a dinner during war

Hi. I have been looking for this forever. I saw this during mid 90s, but I think it was from 70s or 80s. I believe it was french or british not sure.

First scene was a medical student who is i  love with a girl who has a boyfriend. The student runs over them when they are on a bicycle with his car. Then years pass and he has grown into a doctor and it may be set during wartime. There are police scouting the area for a shooter. He organizes a diner for his friends who he has not seen in a long time. One of the police officers is his friend in fact.

The point of the dinner is to make an extraordinary story. Not sure if there is a prize. One man who is a writer tells about his jail time in Russia, maybe. And a convict in the next cell teaches him one word each day. And he starts writing a novel with this. Then the other convict is executed. The writer is released and takes his manuscript to an editor and tells him is his best work written in russian, but the editor tells him that is not russian just gibberish. The convict teached him a language only he can read.

There are other stories, but didnt stick with me. Then the doctor takes his guests to another room and shows them the girl he was in love many years ago. And confesses his story and how he took care of her all these years. She is alive but cannot walk or move at all.

At the end the police returns and acuses someone in the house of shooting the police. The girl comes walking down the stairs with a gun, the officer shoots at her and she takes the doctor with her as revenge.

I am no certain of any actor, language or year it may be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.



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