I saw this movie sometime in the 1980’s.  Its about a girl who starts up her own Fitness Club.  Also she is trying out for a spot on TV for fitness.  She has friends on her side to help.  There is another Fitness Club with another girl who wants the position for TV.  So they come up with a competition against each team and the last one standing is the one to win.  Meanwhile the owner of the club comes on to this girl who starts her own club and she pushes him away and falls and hurts her leg.  The whole time of the competition she is having to change her tights because of the hurt on her leg is bleeding.  Another time in the movie there is this guy that likes her and he sends her up a bouquet of balloons and if she forgives him she is to set them free off her balcony.  And she does.  Can you help me with this title.

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