Film with subliminal Ronald McDonald like character

Does anyone remember the name of this really cool independent foreign film of around 2012, with this guy who can see like these subliminal creatures of like fast food chain characters and other corporations in like blob form? Also I believe he hangs himself in the film and he comes back to life and baths himself in cow blood, and that’s how he gets the gift to see the creatures, and the movies ends with him and these corporate alien asians, anybody know the title?

10 thoughts on “Film with subliminal Ronald McDonald like character

    1. Awesome thank you, I tried to describe this movie to a friend who hadn’t seen it and I sounded mental, thanks again

  1. When I recognize the movie, I publish the post then answer the poster immediately rather than waiting for someone else to do it. Usually they just posted a minute or two ago, so they haven’t forgotten it or given up yet. That’s why I don’t count my own Solves, I have an unfair advantage.

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