Fantasy and maybe horror film I watched in the early 90s

I watched it on TV, probably between 1990-1993, I almost sure it was a feature film, in color. Here’s the scene I remember the best I can describe it: A woman is running away from a monster, I think MAYBE it was a werewolf, maybe not a monster at all, just a man. We see her opening and closing doors from a top view, while the monsters is chasing her not far behind, opening the doors she closes behind her. This goes on for several rooms.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy and maybe horror film I watched in the early 90s

  1. Sounds like it might be Crimewave (1986) an old Sam Rami film. It’s a bit older than the early 90s though. My brother and I loved that flick when we were younger… I definitely remember a scene just like that from that movie. Brief shot of the scene you might have been mentioning in the trailer…

    1. Yes you’re right! It’s been about 30 years I last saw this scene. Funny how everything else in this film I don’t remember, this scene alone remained in my memory for whatever reason.

      Thanks, this movie is definitely solved.

    1. Just pulled my registration up irtmadmin, don’t know if you can link it after it’s done, but I figured it would be worth a shot. Thanks!

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