fantastic french animated short film – alien world, non-conformist kid

I remember this short film on Youtube or somewhere. It had no words, but it was French, I’m pretty sure (from the credits).

The plot was an alien world with a kid who didn’t fit in. Everyone else was like a utopian-happy mindless conformist. These aliens had blue skin, or maybe various colors. And this kid didn’t conform but disrupted everyone. The parents took him to the doctor/psychiatrist who gave him pills. It made him conform for a little while, but then coughed up the medicine. And he rode some kind of bike and caused lots of mischief. I think it was like 3 strikes and your out. So the doctor finally told the parents there’s no hope and put him on a rocket off-planet. The parents were sad for a couple minutes, until they clicked back into the mindless confirmist mindset.

The end is the kid launching into space and the rocket heading for…. you guessed it: Earth. On the way his skin changes color to human color and other rockets are also arriving with all the other assumed non-conformists.

Loved it… about 7 minutes long. But I haven’t been able to find it again!

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