family – teen halloween / fall break movie (not scary)

i have been looking for the name of this movie for quite some time. it came out before th movie fun size by a few months i believe but i cant be 100 percent positive. i do know 1) it iS a modern movie 2) it iS takes place around halloween

okay as for all i remember about the movie. there is a girl who is responsible for her younger siblings.. im pretty sure they might have both been boys or one boy and one girl… possibly twins duriNg halloween. one of the neighbors turns their house/yard iNto a spooky thing for the entire neighborhood. the younger sibliNgs ditch the girl by tradINg costumes with a couple of other kids… so the sister thinks she is with the siblings the whole tiMe until she un masks them and realize that it isnt them.

they end up goiNg to look for them and get some friends to look for them too. one of the boys who likes the older sister — goes out with the girls grandmother to look for the kids and the end up at a house iN the town that people think is haunted.. but kids reallly just go there to make out. it may have been her house many years before.

one of the kids who iS the girls friend and i think is home from college is contemplatiNg droppiNg out of school but i think he ends up meetiNg a girl at a bust stop a the end of the movie who is from liek the next town over who is goiNg to the same college or is goiNg to be… i cant really remember.

it wasnt a scary movie… it was just a teen / college movie… that took place around halloween / fall break. i have been tryiNg to fiNd the name of thiS movie for some tiMe… and yes i have tried puttiNg the plot iNto google and i havent been able to come back up with a name… so if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it

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