Family/people living in a jungle encounters native tribe


I’ve probably seen this movie 10 – 15 years ago so I’ll give as much details as possible.

Basically there is that one guy (With glasses, very important detail I remember) who decides to go live in the jungle for whatever reasons and brings people with him (I think).

He ends up making contact with a native tribe and everything goes well for a little while, then I remember this one scene where the guy with the glasses goes to their village (Because I think the native got mad and he wants to talk to them) and he’s there standing in the middle and get hit on the back of the head or something and his glasses falls on the ground.

I found a movie called The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford it was the closest thing to what I’m looking for but the movie I remember had very little action or characters, like 3 – 4 white people and like 10 natives … and nothing very exciting happened in the movie to be honest.

Hope you can help,

Cheers !

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