Family Movies

Two Movies: First One: I remember this movie where a married couple lived by the sea, in a beach house, they had about 7 children, I think some of them were her sister’s children who died, I think the 7th one was about 3 months or so but because they had six already they gave him/her to a family but after a while they missed him/her so her husband went back for him/her, there’s a scene in it where the lady was driving with one of the children and he/she wanted to throw up so she stopped the car to make he/she throw up, there’s another part where she told her husband she has something to tell him and the man said” youre pregnant” and she said no but I dont remember what she wanted to tell him maybe something about the children.                                                                                          Second One: this movie starts where a lady cracks open a piggy bank and then drive off with her children in a car but somewhere along the way she stopped and said she will soon be back but for a while they waited but she did not come back, so the biggest one took over, theres a part in it where the girl clean a store window glass in exchange for a box of milk and they took turns drinking it, along the way, they sleep in bushes and they remembered they had a grandmother or aunt in another state or so,so they continued their journey until they found

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