Family held hostage, little boy saves the day

I saw it between 1997 and 1999, and the movie would have been recent. It was in English, and most certainly a movie. This suburban family gets held hostage in their home. I think it had something to do with the Dad’s job, but not sure. There was a girl (late high school, early college years) and a little boy (preteens?). The major scene I remember is the little boy going to the bathroom and one of the several kidnappers waited outside. When the boy went in, he grabbed some cleaning supplies from the sink and made something that he put in a washcloth and covered the kidnappers’ face to knock him out (ammonia and bleach? I remember it being something odd for a young boy to know.) when he came in to check on the boy. Then he escaped out the window of the one story house into the bushes. Over the rest of the movie, the little boy frees the whole family, but I’d like to watch it since I don’t remember how. 🙁 Please help!

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  1. I think we are looking for the same movie the boy was a genius and he had information that the bad guys wanted. The girl flirted with one of the bad guys to try and distract them so the family could get away . At the end they where playing catch and the boy memorized all the information before it was destroyed I think we are looking for the same movie

  2. I have been searching for this movie since
    I saw it when I was 6. I can’t find it any ware I think the title had the word game in it. There is a scene were he puts gas in a water gun and sprays the guy having a smoke

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