Fairly recent sci-fi western

There were a handful of people outside some sort of mine. The costumes (and setting, and budget for that matter) reminded me a lot of Firefly. There was some sort of explosion in the mine. A person ran out and was revealed to be a woman. Someone seemed to be surprised by this. There’s a man with a partially disfigured face (similar to Two-Face, but I think only the bottom of one side). There was a man that seemed to be the villain that looked like Jeff Fahey. The disfigured man knocked him to the ground and started beating on him. The scene seemed to change rather abruptly and there was a train speeding along and then a large silver/metallic man (Colossus from X-men) stepped on the tracks and tried to stop it.

This could have been either a movie to TV series, but I’d lean toward TV series. It was in English and I’d be very surprised if it was older than about 2000.

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