evil kid traps people with his mind

i am pretty sure this is not a full length movie feature- either an episode of a series or a short in an anthology.

a woman meets a charming little boy and he takes her home with him and she meets his “family.”  at first every thing seems normal but eventually it is clear that the other people are terrified of him because he is keeping them prisoners in the house with is mind, which plays out in various horror scenes (of these i can not remember specifics).

it ends with the realization that the woman, like the other people, are all trapped in the house with the evil little boy forever.

6 thoughts on “evil kid traps people with his mind

  1. actually, there were 2 versions of this. the original twilight zone episode from the 1960’s then it was remade for twilight zone movie in the 1980’s.

    1. Actually, if we’re being thorough, there are three versions, as it was also remade for the 2000 Twilight Zone series, with Bill Mumy (the child from the 60’s original) grown up and playing the dad.

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