Erotic/Horror Movie or Episode involving an archaeological dig and a curse on a family?

I remember seeing this on TV in the early to mid nineties ( it was in colour). Hope I’m not getting scenes confused but I’m sure it was a film which initially begins at some archaeological dig maybe in Egypt then focuses on a family either in England or America and maybe some kind of curse? I’m sure their was some kind of bad spirit and hallucinations involved but one scene I remember really vividly after all these years was of a conversation between a woman and her lover – she is laying naked full frontal in a bath (think she had red hair) and he crouched beside her clothed. So long ago I couldn’t tell you if it was trashy or arthouse…whatever it was made an impact on my young mind.


..and i’m sure there may have been a scene where something evil appears to man as he is driving in the windscreen or looks down from the top of the car into the windscreen???



It’s not ‘Manhattan Baby’ – this has been suggested before.

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    1. Thank you. strangely enough…I went down that path before but it’s definitely not the one! Don’t think I will ever find it šŸ™

  1. the movie i saw contain 3 stories one when 3 guys played an trick on the town simpleton who gets killed by mistake’ at funeral, the dead boy;s mother curses the 3 boys one of the boys tells an priest o n an plane where dies after it crash. also one story set in Missouri an cavern open up releasing eerie sounds one kid pleads to to his dad to rescue his dog that fell in the hole when dad goes down and goes mad!, with his son chasing him. I don’t remember what the second story was about?

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