english movie with sacrafice on alter

ok, I dont remember much, I was very young. I saw it in between 93 and 98. Seems like a late 80, early 90s. I remember a young man who is being either possessed by or is becoming an alien/monster/ interdemensional being. He has a girl on an alter. Its on top of a plateau of red clay earth with a very red stormy sky. I get the impression he is fighting against whatever is controling him and trying to make him kill the girl. That’s all I remember.

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  1. I might be way, way off, but that sounds the altar scene from HP Lovecraft’s THE DUNWICH HORROR (1970) remake, 2009:




    Here’s a trailer from the original. I wish I could find a clip of the altar scene, because the film alternates between positive and negative, as I remember, and I want to say it has that red clay and stormy sky, but it’s done by film processing in the 1970 version. Haven’t seen the remake.


    This story has been done several times. I want to say at least one version is a trilogy, called Necronomicon.


    From Wikipedia:
    ” The Necronomicon has spells that Wilbur can use to summon the Old Ones, but his family’s copy is damaged and lacks the page he needs to open the “door”. When the librarian, Dr. Henry Armitage, refuses to release the university’s copy to him (and has, by sending warnings to other libraries, thwarted Wilbur’s efforts to consult their copies), Wilbur breaks into the library at night to steal it. A guard dog, maddened by Wilbur’s alien body odor, attacks Wilbur with unusual ferocity, killing him. When Dr. Armitage and two other professors arrive on the scene they see Wilbur Whateley’s partly non-human corpse, before it melts completely to leave no evidence.

    The story culminates with the actual Dunwich horror: With Wilbur Whateley now dead, no one attends to the mysterious presence growing in the Whateley farmhouse. Early one morning, the Whateley farmhouse explodes as the thing, an invisible monster, rampages across Dunwich, cutting a path through fields, trees, and ravines, leaving huge “prints” the size of tree trunks.”

    From Wikipedia:

    ” The Whateley estate burns down in a conflagration that may have to do with a pagan ritual. At the top of a coastal cliff, Wilbur prepares Nancy for sacrifice to bring back what he calls “The Old Ones.”


    Is this even close? Let us know.

    1. I just skimmed through that movie, and I dont think its it. I remember it being a redish landscape(maybe a different planet) like red clay plateaus in Utah but redder and dark with storm clouds building.

  2. I found it! Its The Gate 2: trespassers. Not red like I thought but definitely the right one. Now I can sleep at night. Solved!

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