English language horror movie, young boy befriends demon/monster disguised as older boy

I’m 27, and I remember watching the movie when I was in elementary or middle school at my aunt’s house. I think it may have been made in the 80s or 90s and was in color.

From what I remember, the main character was a young boy. He makes friends with some sort of demon or monster that disguises itself as an older boy, maybe early teen-age years. He has a mocking sort of attitude. I remember that the younger boy would visit the friend in an abandoned structure of some kind. The friend would talk the younger boy into coming back while getting progressively more violent and strange.

One of the scenes I remember the best involves the friend showing the younger boy a rat that had been nailed to a wall or tortured in some way.

I think that the older boy/demon was attempting to lure the younger boy in so that he could ultimately take his soul/kill him/etc.

The title might have something to do with childhood, or playing, or friends. Something that evokes childhood.

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