Enchanted porcelain doll in a boarding school for girls

So I saw this movie back in the late 90s or early 2000s (not earlier than 2002 though), and I believe it was filmed either in the late 80s or in the 90s.

It was set probably at the end of the 19th century or at the beginning of the 20th – I remember the girls wearing those dresses or uniforms, kind of like in Anne of Green Gables or in The Secret Garden.

It might have been happening in a boarding school for girls? I think there was a few of them (elementary school age) wearing those scarlet/dark red dresses/uniforms.

Anyway, there was a (probbly) porelain doll which belonged to one of the girls and it was either enchanted or magical or something; it kind of had the power to mesmerize the girls?

I remember they fought for the doll; one of the girls stole it and ran into the woods – it was during fall, lots of leaves on the ground.

I also remember the scene where two of the girls held hands and spun around – they might have been holding the doll, too.

I remember being scared, it was quite a creepy movie, but I am pretty sure it was NOT a horror one.

It’s been bugging me for a few years and I did not manage to find it yet.

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