Elvira movie

It was an  Elvira movie. It was a dreary scene with two young boys carrying a rather large scale model remote control airplane out to a field apparently to try to fly it. That’s all I remember but I am into scale model airplanes and I always remember that scene.

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    1. Thanks but sorry not October Sky. It would have been some low budget ,possibly even an English horror film. Typical Elvira type movie.

  1. I used to watch the show where Elvira hosted different movies. It was in the 1980s I think, and they were usually horror movies. Can you remember any other details at all?

    1. Sorry that’s all I remember. The boys were roughly twelve or thirteen years old and look like they were much too unprepared to know how to fly an airplane with very little ground support. But they were carrying a radio and a large remote control scale model in a grassy field. Maybe it’s just my memory but it also appeared dimly-lit. You know how some of those Elvira movies were. It may even have been black and white but I’m not sure. But there is a good chance if I could find a list of Elvira movies I could find it.

        1. Thank you very much for the list I will be doing some searching in that list. And if I find it I think you should still get credit for the solve . haha. Thank you.

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