Earthquake Dead Governor Lesbian early 80s ; Caterers?

I saw this movie in the mid-80s on my then-new cable tv.  I recall it was about a party; maybe about the caterers?  The Governor died in a compromising situation.  To get his corpse out discreetly, it was dressed in drag and put in a wheel chair.  Hilarity ensues when a lesbian, a daughter of someone of some means, begins to hit on the corpse.  She is somewhat relentless, but all is revealed when an earthquake hits; the corpse rolls into the pool and the wig floats off and make-up washes away.


There was a line in the movie where the lesbian is at the bar getting progressively drunker and the bartender turns to a young blonde woman and says “A Pink Lady for the lady and a bull shot for the bull…” and the lesbian interjects “watch it!” or something like that.

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