Early-ish ’90s movie, criminal men take baby steps

I recall watching this movie when I was younger (it would have been 1996 at the earliest, though the movie likely came out several years before), but never in its entirety (I think my friends and I rented it more than once though). It’s a comedy movie, similar to Home Alone 2 (1992) or Blank Check (1994). There was a kid in it who was giving directions to two men who I believe were criminals seeking some valuable object (the kid had an important dad or something). At one point, in a set of written directions, the kid instructs the men to take a certain number of steps in one direction or another. To account for the small size of the kid, one of the men suggests taking really small baby steps instead of adult-size strides, and then they just kind of shuffle down the sidewalk. I seem to also remember a scene where the men are nosing around in a hotel room — but it’s the scene where they take baby steps that I remember most distinctly. Any info/guesses would help; thanks.

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