Early 90s US Romantic Spy Comedy About Russian/German Female Solder Defecting With American Male Soldier

From what I remember, this is a story about a low level, bumbling, down on his luck male American Soldier who is stationed near a Communist country controlled by the Soviets. I think it was West Germany, and I think he had black hair. His duty might have been as a desk clerk or even a janitor. I think I remember him mopping something, thought it may have been punishment for bumbling, or maybe he just tripped or was pushed over a mop bucket. Or, maybe he worked in the motor pool at a desk signing out vehicles.

I’m not at all sure about this part, but I think the plot is that he has to do a routine chore for his Commander that involves going into Communist territory and delivering paperwork. I think the chore is something he has done a lot of times, though it could be the first time and he is nervous about it. The chore itself is routine at least, I think. And it might be that he is going into East Germany. I’m pretty sure it involves going though a checkpoint in a car, where a white bar across the road needs to be lifted up. While there, he either delivers some spy stuff unknowingly, or the Communists think he did, perhaps even mistaking him for someone else who actually is a spy. Either way he is delayed in leaving, though he doesn’t know why really.

He meets a Soviet or East German female soldier who’s job is more important than his, I think, but is still just a clerical job. It might have to do with codes, but she isn’t a codebreaker or anything super important. Maybe it is her rank that is higher than his, not sure. She wears an olive green soldier dress uniform with a skirt, black heels, and I think she has red shoulder marks. She has short blonde hair in a bob haircut. She has a super kind personality, even more so than the American soldier, which doesn’t fit in with her fellow Russian soldiers. She’s not violent or masculine at all. She falls in love with the American solder.

He figures out eventually that he is in trouble and needs to escape back to his base. The female solider decides she wants to go with him and defect. The rest of the film is them trying to escape the Communists and reach the American held area. I think along the way they accidentally solve the spy plot he got caught up in, I can’t remember what it was, but it is a win for the Free World.

I’m pretty sure this film was shown a huge number of times on HBO in the very late 80s or very early 90s, probably in the summer during the day, as the VHS tape I saw it on was made for the purpose of recording such films back then.

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