early 00’s horror, low budget ,film rew goes 2Haunted Beach House , cannibals, possesion, rented from…

Ok I rented this movie in the early 2000’s (Maybe late 90s) from blockbuster. It starts out with a group of young people, film makers I believe, traveling to a “haunted” house that’s on a beautiful beach. They are going there to film some kind of documentary or ghost hunt or something. The whole movie is them filming the house. Things go wrong and the locals or caretakers end up murdering people and eating them. They becoming possessed cannibals/zombies/ghouls one by one. They have these weird rituals where the body is on a dinning room table and everyone sort of “digs in.” Something that really stuck out to me was how cheesy the special effects were. The blood and gore looked exactly like black jello. And when the ghouls or cannibals eat their victims its really fake looking like they have black jello all over their faces.


Here are some memorable scenes:


Group of people driving to the beach house in the beginning, they are in a car and the person in the front seat is filming everyone in the car on like a flip camcorder asking them random questions.


When they arrive they get a tour by someone (probably one of the cannibal ghoul people).


There is a scene where one of the girls has been possessed, her friends are hiding on the sandy beach in a cove or behind a rock. Direct quote from this scene “I just saw *amber* -she was as cold as ice and cruel.” (terrible delivery the acting was crap, pretty funny actually)

*Do not know characters name.


One of the most memorable scenes was when they were in a bar and some one seduces the bartender (I think he was a biker or had a motorcycle). They trick this guy to leave with them and stuff him in the back of a van. He becomes dinner later. They put him on a dining room table and start eating him right off the table. It looks like black jello. Everyone is covered in black jello and entrails.


Well that’s about all I can remember. Please help if you can!

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  1. It sounds a bit like Uwe Bolls 2003 film House Of The Dead, but as I couldn’t sit through it, I can’t confirm this 🙂

  2. ! I just checked it out and thats not the movie. Thanks for responding though seriously. This has bothered me for years.

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