Drunk man foreign language singin in car on way back from town.

I remember this movie I once saw on TV. I believe it was about ten years ago when I saw it, and even then it was already some years old. So I am guessing the movie is from before 1995.

The movie was, I believe, English spoken but it played – amongst other places –  in some foreign country, with sometimes this foreign language spoken. There was some kind of mission or quest going on. Could very well have something to do with spying, could even be cold-war related.

The scene I remember was three man going back after having been in – a typical local- town, by car, and one of them – a local – was drunk and sang a song. The song was in his own – sounded like Russian like – language and was quite melancholic. The driver and the other passenger responded a bit harsh to this singing, even though I myself quite liked it.

I realize it is not a lot to go on, but it`s been in my head on and off for a while now, and I`d like to know which movie this is from

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