Drugdealer teen girl falls in love with a dancer

Daughter of immigrant mother starts selling drugs after leaving school. It’s about a 16 year old girl, brunette, with a boy look.

The film was relesaed after 2013 and it was not in English, I think it was French or Dutch.

She has a girl best friend, black and corpulent, who I think is Muslim and later dies in a fire.

In the first scenes the protagonist appears doing a kind of dramatization as a secretary and since she doesn’t like what she is doing, star to humiliates her teacher. The girl gets upset and starts to grab her things to leave and never come back to class anymore.

She starts selling drugs because of a neighbor she admires. She is delighted with her job as a drugdealer because she starts to obtain benefits, such as food, cellphone and other things that due to her economic situation she could not obtain before because her mom is a prostitute.

The woman who is her employer orders her to go to a party to seduce a man and then steal his money that he had hidden in the apartment.

The girl and her friend secretly watched the dancers in a theater, they also hid the money they earned from drugs there. One day the dancer discovers the protagonist and takes away the money.

They fall in love, bla, bla. In the end, he tells her to leave together from that place but she doesn’t do it.

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  1. That’s the OP commenting for those who are following along at home. This one is Solved. Thanks for letting us know you found it!

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