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I have three movies to ask about.  First One: A little boy went in a store and a man came in after him, I don’t know what happened but he started hitting the store manager in his head with the store telephone and it’s like he keeps threatening the boy so he doesn’t tell anyone or the boy was afraid to tell anyone because he was afraid he would do the same thing to him, I think the man went in a coma or died and I guess in the end they found out it was the man who did it.                                                                               Second One: An adopted teenage boy ran away to find his birth mother but when he found her he didn’t tell her right away he was her son, he was always getting in trouble like stealing things and he’s always running with a bag in his hand and a durag on his head, I think it was in the end the lady found out it was her son.                                                                                                                   Third One: A lady met this boy but his parents died but he had a uncle like in another state, so the lady carried him there but along the way it was rough for them like they didn’t have enough money, at one point the lady fainted but recovered and they went to his uncle and in the morning the lady left very early and the boy didn’t see her and ran out the house onto the road, to see if he would see her then he held up an object like a view master, it’s the little thing you get at a circus and you see your picture (don’t know if it has a specific name) The picture was with him and the lady

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  1. could your second movie be “always remember i love you” with patty duke, sounds like it. the whole movie is on youtube:

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