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Three Movies: First One: I’ve watched a movie similar to (brothers) with two man and a woman scenario but I think they are friends or cousins instead of brothers. Anyone know about it?                                                                Second One: I remember watching a parents movie where they focus more on the Father’s, It’s a Father/Daddy movie, I only remember the ending where the four Fathers is walking on the road with babies on their backs.  [SOLVED:  My Baby Daddy]                                                              Third: A young lady who works on the internet like a blogger or something like that saw a video just come on her computer one day with a man holding a girl captive, she was tied up and the man cut her on her neck and then it just shuts off and she was wondering if it is fake or real, but it took a while until she realize it was real, at one point the same man kidnapped her, along with some more persons, I don’t think it end well but I can’t remember the name of it. [SOLVED: The Den]

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  1. Kat: sorry , it wasn’t four of them , it was three of them,after I post it, I found it, (it’s my baby daddy 2004 with Eddie griffin),I saw the part when they were walking on the road with the babies on their backs

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