Drama Movie

I watched this movie recently on YouTub but can’t remember the name of it, it starts when two teenage girls was coming or going to a airport and they went to a party and took drugs and one of them fainted and fell in a coma, when her father found out he chase the couple that was with her, he chased the man and he fell off a balcony and died, when he begins to chase the girl she rode off on a motorcycle that was nearby, she rode and stopped at a beach,took off her jacket and went in the water like she was going g to drown herself and a man saw her and rescued her, there is another part in the movie where a married couple tried to burn down the house that she and the man was in so they could steal her baby but she got back the baby at the end.

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  1. I just want to say I found the name of it, I saw the actor in another movie and found his name on IMBD, The movie is called A Dangerous Arrangement 2015 TV movie with actor Colm Meaney.

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