Drama/Action Movies

Three Movies: First One: A young married couple and their baby went to another state  maybe for a vacation but they ran out of money but the woman got a job as a waitress after she went in a diner and took a diaper out of a lady handbag and the waitress saw and offered her a job and the man got a job transporting illegal goods to different countries or state but after a while he got tired of doing it and so the men starts to get violent, there’s a scene where the woman was running with the baby and one of the men was chasing her with a gun but luckily he was shot.                                                                                     Second One: A man and a woman was dating but one day the man confronted the woman about a message he saw and admitted that she has another boyfriend, It’s like she wanted to get rid of him so she slap herself in the face until it got red and bruised and said that he did it and he was sent to a mental institution but in the end the lady came to visit him and they went outside, far away in the yard and were talking ,then the man grabbed her and choked her to death. There’s another scene in it where the man asked her if the children are is   [SOLVED: Dream Lover]                                                                                  Third One: I remember this movie where a married couple was stranded in a woods or forest and the man hold her hands and was talking to her then she said, “let go of me, let go of me” and some young men came and started beating and kicking the man, then the woman said stop, no, stop, he’s my husband then they stopped and the man stood up and brushed off himself, that’s all I remembered

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