don’t make decisions just walk. help me name this movie

  • ok here is what I know about the movie i can’t remember title actors director or year, literally nothing but some parts of the plot:
  • There are good and bad people. the good people have some special abilities.
  • the bad people can spot or find the good people when they make decision like do i walk to the left or the right.
  • towards the end there is a reconciliation between a father and a daughter. the daughter is good and learns to control her abilities.
  • so the people around her keep saying ” just walk, don’t make decisions or they will find you
  • i think it was somewhat of a teenage movie
  • it is at least 5 years old

7 thoughts on “don’t make decisions just walk. help me name this movie

    1. hey alen.
      thank you for you help. Unfortunately it is not this movie. The main character is a teenager and it is not so much about fire. additionnally i feel that the movie I am seeking is probably from 1990 onwards.

  1. oh my gosh. You sir saved me from years of emotional distress and uncertainty.
    I seriously cannot wait to watch this movie, it is exactly this one.
    How did you find out ? the description I gave was really short and not necessarily soaked with information.

    if you need help identifying a movie message me and I will do everything possible to repay you.

    Thanks also for all the other guys who tried to help.

    1. It rang a bell that they could be found if they made decisions. Some people could see the future but it was very fluid and changed a lot based what actions people decided to take. If the protagonists didn’t know what they were going to do until they did it, then the antagonists couldn’t predict it either. Or something.

  2. chikkensinthemist (what a handle!), I credited a Solve to the account associated with this email—which is not under the name ” chikkensinthemist.” If you want to officially change to chikkensinthemist you can do so by changing the nickname at your account.

  3. Funny, Push came up on suggestions of IMDB when I go to the Firestarter page. I was even reading about Push after I submitted my comment. šŸ™‚

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