Dobermans/haunted house

I think I saw this movie in the early to mid-80’s, perhaps on HBO. I remember a haunted house and in particular a scene where Doberman’s (2 or 3) chased someone out of a second story window where they were impaled on an old iron fence. That scene was memorable, but I cannot remember much else. It was on TV, in color and in English. I know this isn’t much to go on, but appreciate any help.

3 thoughts on “Dobermans/haunted house

  1. Well, maybe not. That was a German shepherd and it was only one and the lady was knocked over a railing and fell to her death. No one got impaled that I could see.

  2. This doesn’t really match what you wrote, but The Omen has a lot of the things you mention. There are big dogs–rottweilers, not dobermans, but they often have similar coloring; there’s at least one scene where someone is impaled on a fence, but not after falling through a window; a different character is killed by being impaled but not on a fence; at least two people fall from great heights, although I think only one dies.

    I watched this movie when I was way too young to watch it or even understand it, really, but certain scenes were engraved in my brain due to my terror. I was afraid of rottweilers until I was well into my 20’s from this movie. We can all blame my older babysitting cousin for that. 😉

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