Disabled director and primary actor of short films from the 80’s

They were a series of short films shown on the newly started channel 4 in the uk in the early 80’s. The director had had polio when he was young and had leg braces. The movies where all about, I think, his disability and his interaction with women. 2 scenes that have stuck in my mind, I was just a teenager at the time are. He is struggling to walk across an empty dance floor with his leg braces and walking sticks. A woman is also crosing the dance floor as they meet in the middle the man stumbles and rips the ladies dress off. The other scene is he is in a theater or bar and he chats up the waitress and persuades her to dress up as a cheerleader and dance on the stage. She seems to fancy him so to please him she removes her panties and continues to dance, at which point he turns and leaves. I know thats not much to go on but i would really like to know who he was as its something that has staying in my head for the last 30 years and i could do with putting to rest.



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