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I am looking for I movie I saw in 2017 or 2018. I am pretty sure it is an American movie, and a movie in English language for sure, but unfortunately I cannot remember any actors. The movie itself is in color for sure, and I believe it is from this century ( 2000 onwards) and not older. It is for sure not a TV show! The only scene I remember was when this detective/investigator/researcher had some sort of a case to solve, so he asked for help of his students that he teached, or maybe junior detectives…There was like a group of 10 people in total trying to solve the case. They divided the work, some of them reading,researching various books. And they spent the whole time in that house while researching, as far as I can remember. Sometimes when they found some important clues/news they would kinda gather in the main room, trying to brainstorm about the clue, and go again. I don’t watch indie movies, or like from movie festivals which are less known, so this one is for sure a proper budget movie, and I can bet that the main actor(s) are famous, I just cannot recall him/her/them.

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  1. No. But yeah, Spotlight is the closest I can think of where there is a group of people like that, solving a case together. It’s really similar to what I am looking for. But in the movie, they were in the house, and not in the office as it is in Spotlight

  2. This kind of reminds me of Reversal of Fortune, which is, however, from 1990. The group does meet at their professor’s house.

    A full version of this movie is on YouTube, in case you ever read this and want to confirm. (Not linking it because it’s obviously not a legal copy.)

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