Detective Parody Movie with Funny Sex Scene

I am trying to find this movie that I think was a parody of detective movies. There’s one particular scene where the lead character and a woman make out in a kitchen, and the detective gets a fork stuck in his back. Anyway, they eventually go to the bedroom, and the woman rides him, parodying all the outrageous orgasm scenes you see in movies (grunting, speaking in a foreign language and calling for her “papa”, panting like a dog, rolling her head and roaring like she was possessed, making weird guttural screams) until finally climaxing with a scream that ends up breaking a glass that just happens to be sitting on the dresser.

As I’ve looked everyone online for a movie like this, I believe it might be foreign… I’m PRETTY sure it’s from the 90’s and only a one word title as well. Can anybody help?

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