Desert guy drags women behind his van and makes sketches of them

There was some film I saw when I was very young. I believe it would have been from the early 90’s (maybe 93) and what I can recall was a man and his wife in the desert. They come across some creepy guy who draws sketches of women then drags them behind his van.

1 thought on “Desert guy drags women behind his van and makes sketches of them

  1. That’s the movie I’ve been looking for!! It’s been driving me crazy! Does anyone know what the name of it is?

    Her husband is following them once the artist kidnaps her, and tries to persues them to rescue her. For awhile she is able to drop provisions on the road to keep him going as I think he’s on foot, but the kidnapper/artist finds out and leaves him a bag of snakes disguised as one of her “breadcrumb” bags.

    The kidnapper keeps drawing her and she pretends to want him so that he doesn’t kill/hurt her. There’s one weird scene In which she has a knife and is in a small pond being drawn and tried to seduce him with the intent of defending herself with the knife, but she drops it in the water by accident.

    Ugggh, what is the name!!

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