Desert Diner owned by a “ghost”

I know the film is from the early 90’s or late 80’s, color, English, movie. It takes place in a desert diner, the diner sign has a cowboy looking man on it I believe. The diner is owned by a young, long black haired, man who use to own it with his sister. His sister was killed when he took her for a ride on his motorcycle. A blonde short haired woman and a couple of men (one man is the woman’s lover) I believe get stranded in the desert due to their car and find the diner. The men are some sort of criminals and have some valuables that they stole or something. The stranded folks met the diner owner they stay there while the owner fixes the stranded car. Eventually the woman and the owner fall in love and there’s some sort of altercation with the men. At the end of the movie it turns out the owner had died on the motorcycle ride with his sister as well. And I think it ends off in some sort of field where the spirit of the sister appears and the brother (the owner) walks to her and they both fade away as the woman who had fallen in love with the owner watches.
I hope this makes sense. I’ve been looking for this film for years.

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