Demon substitute teacher, lesson “death”

This movie was like an afterschool special. But wasn’t listed with them.

It starts out with students arriving at class. Teacher is not there yet. After class starts, the teacher appears. He is a demon! the lesson for the day is death! Their assignment is to choose which of them will die. If they refuse to choose, all of them will die. Demon disappears. students try to leave, but outside the doors is void or something. Students are similar to breakfast club. (Jock, brain, bad boy, church girl, etc.) they argue and fight over who should die. Story is good life lesson, but IMO wrong solution.

5 thoughts on “Demon substitute teacher, lesson “death”

  1. Takashi Miike’s As the Gods Will (2015) has a similar setup. but i suspect it’s not what you’re looking for.

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