daughter of feuding parents begins to sleepwalk

I’m looking for a show I saw on TV of a young girl who began sleepwalking because her mum and dad were fighting/divorcing. I remember some social workers came into the story with their own plot.

The young daughter was sleepwalking to certain locations, one of which was an aquarium. She was going there because they were her favourite places where she, her mum and her dad went to as a family.

I saw this when I was younger, it was maybe between 2004-2008? It was in colour and on TV, so I’m not sure if it was a TV episode or a film. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Update: when the young daughter finally stops sleepwalking, she runs to her parents room to tell them but finds the room empty. It’s turns out that her parents have now sleepwalked because they wake up in a different place. Another character (a woman with dark curly hair, maybe a social worker?) also sleepwalks and wakes up on a picnic bench somewhere, giving her some closure to her sub-plot (I think it was something to do with her dad??) Thank you!

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