Dark campy cyber(?)punk horror/action

This was one of those films you watch one time on the syfy channel only for them to disappear into the void. I’m pretty sure the dvd cover followed the same style of the movie, black and green colors for the title which I remembered as “NECROPOLIS” but that title doesnt give me any results. Im almost sure it had Necro in the title (maybe something about a Necro-army?)

I might be badly misremembering the title, there are only a handful of films with Necro in the title according to IMDb so maybe it’s safer to look for movies with the POLIS ending (Undead Metropolis?)

I only remember a few things, like the characters being pale white and bald, I specifically remember one of them was a female, perhaps the leader, dressed in black leather like the other ones, the costume design was cyberpunk, think of it like a mix between Hellraiser and a Giger drawing. The “female leader” had a massive Gatling gun too. That’s about all I remember. The feeling of the movie combined with the costumes definitely give me a Hellraiser vibe, but this film definitely come out in the early 2000’s, no in the 90s. I would say between 2003 and 2009.

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