Cyberpunk animated film about woman who gets a microchip that gains sentience

Ok so it’s animated, set in a futuristic world and is possibly independent. It was also subbed, so not in English. Maybe Spanish or Portuguese? This girl gets this microchip from her friend that is used in the military for memory. She uses it to pass a test. But when she goes to this facility and sees this painting the chip “awakens” and develops a sense of self. The painting was developed by this guy who is autistic and figured out the formula to predict and see the future. He tells her that she’s here to save him from that place and now that the machine has been learning on its own it givers her kung fu powers. They bust out and she saves him. But since the microchip has been making her take iron supplements it’s been growing all this time, expanding. It’s gotten to the point where she’ll die if the chip doesn’t leave her and it decides to do just that. There’s a flash of lights and the circuitry leaves her body. It was an amazing film and I saw it online, specifically but it’s been so long and I can’t cross-search animated, science fiction and also release date. But it was around 2010 I watched it, it might have come out between 2005-2009 or so. Please let me know if you know this animated film. Thank you!!

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