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Hey guys, I’ve got another movie title I can’t seem to remember or find! I can only remember one scene from the movie I hope it helps.

It’s definitely an older B/cult horror movie set with the plot of an entity/warlock/demon/evil resides in a house/mansion and terrorizes the new occupants of the residence. Though when I saw this movie, I went on an extreme horror movie binge so I may have the story confused but the general premise I’m certain is correct.

The scene I remember is of a woman sleeping in a bed and she gets possessed by this evil/warlock/demon. The man, who I assume to be her husband/boyfriend walks in undressed and mounts her. Hes got a very 80s look (hairy chest, non muscular build) also possibly middle aged. At this point shes still asleep and he doesn’t know she is possessed. As her mounts her and begin to engage in intercourse with her, her eyes open abruptly with a blank stare towards him. He smiles back at her as he continues his sexual escapade with her. The camera then cuts to her legs wrapping around his midsection and her feet interlocking together holding him on top of her. You then start to hear crushing/squeezing sound effects as he begin to scream in agonizing pain. He tries to pull away but her legs wrapped around him begin to squeeze harder and harder as the sound effect get louder of him being crushed. He passes out/dies with her still blankly staring at him as they begin to glow a color (red or green) as she utters some words in a deep evil demonic voice (I think she said something along the lines of “please me or pleasure me”).

I tried to find the movie but the closest I get is the golden eye girl who kills with her legs and that’s definitely not it!

Please help! Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. just checked it out, after watching it though, the time/setting and atmosphere are very close, even the actresses I was convinced one of them was the one I remember from the scene. But its not it. Definitely from around the same time though, maybe a bit newer.

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