cruel children chase girl through abandoned building

a small girl is being picked on by a group of children led by (in my memory) another particularly nasty little girl. she runs from them into what I remember being an abandoned building (could have been just an under construction floor) and they chase her up the stairs, probably chanting something, until they corner her on some unfinished balcony or utility elevator (?) and the bullied girl falls to what I can only assume was her death. it’s a sunny time of day. you get the feeling that it’s after school. I don’t remember why she was being bullied. The scene feels like someone’s flashback.

so here’s another one that terrified me, and really saddened me, when I saw it as a child. I’m pretty sure it’s the opening scene and I also think I stopped watching it (at least for a bit) after this scene. one of my siblings most likely picked it out.

the movie is most likely: American, English language, color, 1970’s- early 80’s — and could very well be made-for-tv (movie or show) because I watched it at home and we didn’t have a VCR back then or even always cable. I have a feeling this movie is kind of a cult classic in its genre but shrug.

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    1. Man he got it so fast! It is so Prom Nite. lol I was a baby when I saw that movie. It took me a while to find it too. I was shocked when I realized it was Prom Night. I remembered the same scene, when the girl was being bullied and fell.

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