Cross Dressing Men

I’m looking for a movie I saw a long time ago, but it’s pretty old. It’s black and white and English. I can’t really remember the whole story. I think it was a romantic comedy. I remember there being two guys on the run from someone. They disguise themselves as women and join some sort of ladies group. I don’t remember what it was, maybe a choir? I’m pretty sure they both fall for the same girl, but they can’t even do anything about it because she thinks they’re both women, and she would be mad if she found out they were lying because I think she told them a bunch of personal stuff. I don’t remember how it end though, I’d like to try to see it again.

5 thoughts on “Cross Dressing Men

  1. That’s it! You would have thought I would have remembered Marilyn being in it! I wish it was on Netflix, I’m excited to go watch it now…

    1. I’ve done that before. Sometimes you see something so long ago, and you’re so distracted by trying to remember the plot you totally forget a recognizable actor is in it. Glad I could help 🙂

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