Criminals Kidnap Woman from a Shower

Hi everyone!

This is a movie I saw at the theater in the late 70’s, approximately 1976-1979. It was in color. Genre: thriller, action. crime. Maybe drama. Unfortunately, I only remember the beginning.

A group of criminals sneaks into a house. All of them are dressed in dark clothing and probably have the balaclavas on. They move discretely from room to room. In one of the rooms they see a young girl lying on the floor reading a magazine (or a book). For some reason she doesn’t notice the burglars. They watch her for some time and then move on. They sneak into the bathroom, where a woman is taking a shower. They grab and kidnap her.

The rest of the film is a story of her father (or husband) trying to save her from these kidnappers.

That is all, unfortunately. Any help is appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Criminals Kidnap Woman from a Shower

  1. Thank you for the suggestion, GG! The whole movie is on Youtube, but I didn’t find the shower kidnapping scene… However, the movie I’m looking for could very well be something European and low-budget, something Jess Franco would do…

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