Crime/Thriller mid 2000s

Ok so this will be pretty vague but I would love to know the name of this movie so I can see it again. I was in high school the one and only time I saw about half of it because it was on at a party and I only picked up bits and pieces of it.

It had to be made between 2003-2008. I know the general theme had something to do with kidnapping and a family looking for there lost child. The one scene I remember very vividly was when the main protagonist comes across the home of a middle aged married couple ( I believe we’re involved with the church somehow) and finds that most of their home is actually dedicated to molestation of young children. I want to say he also found a large amount of video tapes and costumes in a room that has a single bed in the middle of it and a camera on a tripod pointed at the bed.


I don’t recall any of the actors in this film but for some reason Clive Owen or Bruce Willis comes to mind. Like I said I only saw bits and pieces of this in passing and would love to finally see this flick all the way through.

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